1. Trade License of :
(a) Principal Place of Business, (b) Branch office, if any, (c) Warehouse, if any,
2. PAN Card :
a. PAN Card of the Company/Partnership Firm/HUF.
b. PAN Card of the Prop./Partner/Directors/Karta of the HUF
3. Proof of Residence of The Prop./Partners/Directors/Karta of HUF: (any one of the following)
(a) Election ID Card. (b) Passport. (c) Driving License (Not Learner’s). (d) Ration Card.
(e) Current Electricity Bill. (f) Current Telephone bill (BSNL Landline) (g) Aadhar Card.
4. First and last page of Updated Bank Statement of Current Account of the Firm.
5. Legal Occupancy of Principal place of Business/Factory/Warehouse/Additional Place of Business
and Branch – as applicable:
a)Ownership: Current tax paid receipt issued by Corporation/Municipality/Panchayat.
b)Rental : Rent receipt and copy of the Tenancy Agreement, if any.
c)Rent Free Accommodation: No Objection Certificate of the Landlord along with
Property tax receipt of the original Landlord.
6. Deed of Partnership/Memorandum & Articles of Association.
7. Form 32 and 18 under Companies Act, 1956 or in the appropriate Form under the Companies Act, 2013,
8. Duly signed copy of the print-out of Annexure A/B with self attested photographs pasted there on.

As it has become MANDATORY to submit New Registration Applications under VAT/CST using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) only, you are requested to procure DSC of Class 2B for filing the application for new registration and install the license in your computer. You can submit the filled application only after signing it with proper DSC. )

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10. In case of any problem, other than the technical ones, please contact Central Registration Unit
(Phone: 033 71221487; e-mail: